Our Story

About Us

We are a creative communications firm with sustainability at the heart of our work. We help organisations and people connect to social and environmental issues so they are inspired to become part of the solution. Founded in early 2011 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia, we are one of the first agencies in the country to focus in this field of work. We believe that good communications is about inspiring perceptions, emotions and actions that benefit people and the planet too. We want everyone to GET sustainability so they can be empowered to play a role in making it happen. We do this by helping organisations translate their complex objectives into fun, engaging and easily shared experiences. Better yet we help these stories to resonate with the right audiences and deliver impact.

Why we do

Purpose is our passion and we believe we have an obligation to make the world a better place. Luckily for us we're not the only ones. We take pride in the change we deliver through the brands and organizations we work with. Core to the work is a necessary makeover in the way social and environmental issues are being communicated. We need our audiences to respond to the urgent problems of our time. This means we need to better tailor our messages to suit them. Among our core beliefs is that to engage and inspire we must tap into the most natural and powerful human emotion there is, LOVE. Thus begins our own quest for communicating sustainability, naturally, fueled by love for this planet. We also think it's important that we have fun while we’re doing what we love, and we sure do!

What we do

Challenging conventional communication methods in delivering social and environmental messages, LeafPlus goes beyond advising to deliver impact. Strategy, creativity, implementation and engagement – we offer and deliver the whole package! Let’s talk!

Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility

Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility

We believe that Corporate Responsibility needs to go beyond a 'do good' function and deliver the social benefits your consumers really want. That's when you have a real business case for sustainabililty. At LeafPlus we care about your brand and organization as much as we care about the mission. Work with our creative team to develop out-of-the box and impactful strategies, programs and campaigns in line with your identity objectives.

Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility

Education & Training

Change can't happen without education, that's why we are set on creating engaging ways for kids, adults and organizations alike to connect to the values and behavior needed for a better world. Our team of facilitators and educators are dedicated in developing methods and tools that are fun and engaging but deliver positive change for sustainability.

Cause Marketing and Corporate Responsibility

PR & Communications

Our PR and Communications services are all about intelligent and innovative ideas, passionately delivered with sustainability as a priority agenda. Let us help you make the right decisions and make sure that your story of responsibility gets heard and reaches the right audience.


It's both a paradox yet also perfect sense that to protect the planet we need to put humans at the centre of the story. At LeafPlus we continuously seek to understand people's needs, desires, and decision making in their relationship with the world around them. This approach guides our whole working process. We believe this will help us (together with you) to create strategies, programs, campaigns, and tools that serve the mission of finding balance between people and planet.

Meeting of Minds

Tying the Knot

Creative Concept

Harvesting Impact

Heartfelt Implementation

Pinpoint Success Indicator

Happy Client / Partner




Expect us to swim against the tide and bring along funky ideas while we’re at it. We believe that solving urgent problems requires being adventurous, and we’re geared up for the journey.



We are emotional beings and seek meaningful relationships in all that we do. We also believe that innovation stems from connections made between different ideas, people and skills. Our favorite game at LeafPlus is connect-the-dots.



Probably our favorite WORD. Our work is fuelled by a lot of love for this planet and its inhabitants. Need we say more?



We are always a work in progress because we like the idea of ‘room to grow’. We challenge ourselves to keep learning new things and to continuously surpass our own standards.



Consider us your friend because that’s what we want to be for you. We have fun at our game and hope the energy is contagious. Lets talk about eco-cool solutions over a cup of (local and organic) coffee, shall we?

The Crew

Meet the sizzling sustainability team!

Board of Advisors


Board of Advisor

A renowned horticulturalist and green city advisor Karen embodies the word 'green' in every possible way down to her infamous eco-home and nursery. At the policy level she lobbies for fair and sustainable agricultural production. Don't challenge her knowledge of the plant world; she's a walking thesaurus.


Board of Advisor

A true national asset, Agus is a climate change expert with decades of experience and pages of accolades. It's an understatement to say he loves people as much as he loves the planet though. In fact your best chance of luring him into a meeting is with promises of a good time -nice dinner and wine included

Management Team


Co-Founder, Executive Director

Nadine designs and develops LeafPlus's sustainability strategies, and make sure they are implemented. Of course she always says that her biggest challenge is to manage her colorful and dynamic team. A hybrid between an activist and a businesswoman she approaches her body of work with passion and a lot of crazy ideas.


Co-Founder, Operations Manager

Execution is paramount and Ardian makes sure things are running smoothly in the day-to-day of LeafPlus and upon delivery to clients and partners. Once you've come in contact with his signature baldhead, glasses, and silly jokes he's pretty hard to forget.


Co-Founder, PR & Marcom manager

Dina makes sure we develop creative sustainability communications for our clients and maintains key relationships needed to forward the agenda. We love her a bit extra because of her constant supply of food and snacks at the office. A little pixie but a trailblazer at work, that's Dina.


Education & Outreach

Dila makes sure that important sustainability learning is embedded in all our projects and carried out in an engaging manner. A firecracker and game changer when it comes to sustainability education Dila is one to watch. This little thrill seeker knows a thing or two about the best budget eating spots in the city.


Marketing & Insight

Dithi doesn't miss a thing, which is why her job is to make sure we are up to speed on current sustainability issues. She manages multiple digital platforms and provides editorial content in line with our brand. Talk to her about diving, marine issues, and community activities.


PR & Marcomm

Sizi claims she fell in love with LeafPlus at first sight. Well the feeling is mutual! This bubbly personality is most likely who you're talking to when you engage with our social media accounts. Passionate about finding new ways to connect people and urgent issues, she sure is a good fit for the team. Talk to her about meditation and wellbeing.


Graphic Designer

Grace is passionate in making design for a cause, that's why she feels connected with LeafPlus. Quiet but observant, she seeks inspirations in little things to enrich her playful designs and help us to provide heartfelt materials. She's keeping our design to grab both the eyes and the heart. She never forgot to bring lovely smile everywhere.


Sustainability Analyst

An environmental engineer graduate in communication world? Well, sustainability needs a balance between social and technical. Dhina helps the team to keep on top of sustainable trend and make sure every projects in line with our values. Always in love with nature, she spends her time travelling and doing outdoor activities.


Education & Outreach Associate

Don't be fooled by her mature appearance, Putri truly is a giggling child at heart. It is this big heart that enables her to deeply connect through the learner's perspective, always making sure that our education programs are fun and easy to understand. Working with her is never boring as she loves cracking jokes.


Visual Designer Associate

Agus is the visual artist in the team. He helps develop information into visual materials with a curated look and feel. He specifically cares about the user experience of the receiver and how to foster emotions through his work. He is one with his camera and constantly explores new places to enrich his reference and trigger inspiration.


Administration and Finance

It’s all about no nonsense and getting the job done with Sari. A mother of three, she also assumes the mothering role in LeafPlus making sure we are on point also behind the scenes. Meticulous and organized we can’t imagine LeafPlus without her.


Procurement & Office Support

Bubbly and loud, his presence is so remarkable. Arif can get everything done to make sure the team work at ease. From feeding team to renovating the office, he's a full package. He's also an entertainer as he always crack jokes but end up getting 'bullied'.