Antangin Junior Creative Green School

PT Deltomed Laboratories

Program development, government relations, community relations, module implementation, event activation

Concern to plant green culture from an early age has been an important aim of Deltomed, an aim that's realized through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program in recent years, titled Antangin Junior Creative Green School. Sharing the same concern, LeafPlus was very pleased to support Deltomed in implementing their program in Bandung. Antangin Junior Creative Green School visited 20 elementary schools, where students were encouraged to compete their ideas in helping their schools' environment be more sustainable. Together with our partner Rumput Kecil, we conducted our ecodetective module, guiding students to better understand environmental issues, thus enabling them to identify environmental problems within their school through mapping and simple data gathering in finding an effective solution. Our role included program development, event activation, module implementation, community relations & government relations.