HiddenPark 2012 – 2016

Directorate General of Cipta Karya, Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Campaign design and development

HiddenPark is a creative public space campaign to trigger park culture in the big city as a response to the general negative perception that urban citizens have towards parks. The campaign aims to create positive experiences in parks and bring together stakeholders ( citizens, government and the private sector) to realise their role in the continuous improvement of parks around them. More than anything, the campaign highlighted parks as a breeding ground for happiness in an attempt to encourage citizens to maximise the hidden potential of their parks. However, the intervention in the parks also attracted capital improvement from the private sector in the form of new facilities such as outdoor gyms, playgrounds, bicycle racks, free wifi and even a major renovation project to improve accessibility. We had so much fun learning, creating and developing this campaign which now has taken a life of its own driven by communities and replicated in other cities. Furthermore with the wide exposure of the project both in mainstream and social media, HiddenPark has contributed in setting parks and urban green spaces as a hot topic in the public sphere. We are now working behind the scenes to improve information management and development of online platforms for the mission. Impact is what we strive for.