Sustainable Palm Oil Initiative

United Nations Development Programme & Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

Design and implementation of PR and communications strategy, brand direction, development of a stakeholder analysis

The Sustainable Palm Oil (SPO) Initiative was established to support the shift towards more sustainable practices, addressing concerns that the growth of the palm oil industry is driving deforestation as well as socio-economic issues such as low productivity and low income of smallholders. Through Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil Platform (InPOP), the project's main platform, stakeholders are addressing key issues by agreeing on a National Action Plan. Key areas are : increasing smallholder capacity, environmental management and monitoring, governance and mediation, and ISPO certification and market access

We designed and developed the project’s communications and PR strategy as a framework for implementation. The role includes developing a stakeholder analysis of a very complex, dynamic and politically sensitive sector. The role also includes kicking off activities at the early stages of the project such as advising on branding direction; writing press releases; developing a website, newsletters, and infographics; arranging media interviews, and coordinating with related parties to attain buy-in of the overall strategy. A field mission to one of the project's pilot area (Riau) was also carried out to attain high quality photography and compile stories by conducting interviews with different players throughout the supply chain.