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What They Say About Us

"With LeafPlus we pioneered and realized HiddenPark as a creative campaign to promote public (green) spaces as an essential element for a livable city. LeafPlus came up with fresh and original ideas and inspired and motivated many to play an active role in the collective green city movement."


Deputy Director for Urban Planning and Development Policies and Strategies -
Directorate General of Spatial Planning Ministry of Public Works

"Working with LeafPlus enriches projects and product development. Their structured working procedures allows them to parallel think outside of the box, which is necessary for all changes but especially true for innovative and creative new approaches and methods in Environmental Education"


Team Leader Climate Change Education Curricula GIZ -PAKLIM (Indonesian-German Cooperation / Policy Advice for Environment and Climate Change)

"Working with LeafPlus has been really fun and inspiring. Their network in the sustainability sector is impressive. Creativity paired with impeccable execution is their strong suit. Our project at the time involved environmental education for children and LeafPlus developed great modules and smoothly engaged schools which made the project easy for us. I would highly recommend LeafPlus as one of your implementation partners."


Corporate Communication Manager, PT. Panasonic Gobel Indonesia

"A highly dedicated and professional team to work with, especially on educational projects promoting sustainability and hands-on experiential learning ---that somehow also tied in wonderfully with our brand. They are indeed a great partner in the whole project development --- from ideation, implementation, to pushing us further in our commitments. But the best part is, they are simply good people, and good friends."


Beverage Category Manager, PT Ultrajaya

People We Work and Play With

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Movement and Motion

Nothing is business-as-usual at LeafPlus. How else can you explain the other passion projects we are growing in line with our brand. Check out these campaigns and projects that we love to call our distractions.

We are proud to be a founding member of Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik- GIDKP or the Indonesia Plastic Bag Diet Movement. GIDKP is a national coalition with the mission to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. Recently our efforts has helped introduce a new national plastic bag pricing policy. A lot still needs to be done to make sure the policy is effective and gets the support it needs from the public, but with friends like these we are confident about the way forward.

Education is definitely one of our top concerns. With our very own Nathania Tifara and Kunti Indra K, we are helping to develop an online platform where educators throughout Indonesia can create and access fun, practical and visual educational materials for their learners. Sustainability learning is definitely core to the curation of the products within GuruBumi. We are excited about this little sister startup!

HiddenPark is our social experiment in attempting to trigger park culture in the big city. It was a way for us to reimagine urban parks and share the experience with others. What started as a small offline campaign now has taken new meaning as we explore different ways to help fuel the mission of healthy, vibrant and functional urban parks. Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives!